Longleaf Project Overview

Welcome to the Longleaf Project Documentation site.

This site contains supporting documentation for the Longleaf software project, currently in development by The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's University Libraries.

Longleaf is free, open-source software for creating highly configurable digital preservation environments. Longleaf provides a repository-agnostic command-line utility that enables users to configure and apply preservation processes such as monitoring and replication at the file level. Users can define preservation services using Longleaf's base set of commands, and then apply these preservation scripts to a set of user-defined storage locations that are relevant to the user's specific context.

For a step-by-step tutorial of Longleaf's basic functionality, the "Basic Usage" page in this site walks through Longleaf's core operations using a pre-configured example data directory.

Project URLs

Code repository Longleaf-preservation

Project Participants

  • Ben Pennell, Technical lead and software developer
  • Jason Casden, Product lead
  • Morgan McKeehan, Documentation lead